Exploring the Viability and Benefic Properties of Green Tea Extract – Does It Really Work?

A growing number of people have become aware of the health benefits associated with green tea extract. Documented by many researchers, these findings have lead to the production of a variety of different types of over-the-counter products based on the extract which are considered as alternative remedies for anything from weight loss to the prevention of infection and even for fighting cancer.

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The Origins of Green Tea Extract

The extract comes from a plant called Camellia Sinensis. This is basically the plant that all types of tea – including black, yellow, green and white tea – are produced from using various different techniques for obtaining the diverse properties of each variety.

While tea is obtained from brewing processes, the extract is a derivative of the leaves that contains a number of antioxidant ingredients, such as GTC (green tea catechins), as well as compounds like the epigallocatechins and epicatchins that are obtained through partly purified extracts.

What Can Green Tea Extract Help You With?

Aside from the antioxidant compounds present in green tea, other substances, including polyphenols such as bioflavonoid, are provided which have properties that help them fight off the free radicals in the body. As a result, green tea extract can present a host of health benefits that are considered to be even better than what you get through vitamins E or C:


  • Supplements based on the extract have been found to reduce appetite, energize the body and increase the metabolic rate to the extent that the negative effects of a fatty diet and alcohol consumption slowly disappear.
  • Studies conducted on arthritic patients have actually confirmed the fact that green tea extract can have an impact on decreasing the wear and tear of the joints and alleviating arthritic pain.
  • The extract has also been found to help prevent tooth decay to some extent.
  • The fact that the extract is rich in antioxidants have lead some researchers to conduct studies in order to find out whether or not it has any significant effect on cancer cells. A particularly significant 2012 study has shown a success rate of 40% in the lab in making skin cancer tumors disappear.download (3)

Companies that produce green tea based products and supplements will often provide you with green tea extract free trials. If you’ve seen the advertisements for other popular supplements, they operate in a similar fashion. If you’re not familiar with them take a offers for garcinia cambogia hca to get an idea. These offers allow you to try out the product firsthand and discontinue the treatment without having to pay for it in case it doesn’t work for you. (Side Note: We are not telling you to sign up for the trial linked to above. If you decide to, make sure you check out the details on how garcinia products work here: http://www.healthtruths.net

In many cases, however, these types of supplements have been found to provide numerous benefit effects, and both researchers and regular people have began to see green tea extract as being a viable alternative to regular treatments for inducing weight loss, preventing tooth decay and a host of other successful uses.

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